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We have the complete line of Howard Leight products and gear on the net! Howard Leight Hearing Protection and Safety Eyewear believes that nothing is more important than your employees safety. They deserve the best hearing protection and eye protection, period. Howard Leight earplugs and Howard Leight / Bilsom earmuffs offer the widest selection of hearing protection devices - from the highest attenuating earplugs to unique sound management earmuffs, and the latest innovations in Howard Leight hearing protection technology.


Howard Leight Hearing Protection / Earmuffs / Earplugs are more than the right protection for your workers and having more than the highest NRR (Noise Reduction Rating). Another aspect to consider when choosing hearing protection is to consistently and properly select earplugs by Comfort Profile.


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That means considering all the features that make one ear plug work and fit differently than another: material, shape, size and NRR. Howard Leight R 01526 makes it easy to compare products and ensure that all your workers receive the right fit and protection. Howard Leight makes a variety of ear plugs and ear muffs to fit your work style.


Howard Leight R 01526 Earmuffs are also available in a variety of quantities, from 5 pair to 100 pairs, to accomadate your demand. Your workers need the right level of protection. Not enough and they're vulnerable to hearing damage. Too much and they become isolated from their environment. That's why Howard Leight / Bilsom offer a range of attenuation levels, each suited to different users, different environments. Whatever the situation demands, turn to Howard Leight for the most innovative earmuffs in the industry.


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